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The core contracts make use of several libraries, including ABDK64x64, a fixed point math library.

Math libraries:

  • ABDKMath64x64
  • CumulativeNormalDistribution: Implements a CDF and Inverse CDF (Quantile) function using approximations and the ABDK Math Library.
  • ReplicationMath: Implements the AMM specific math, like the trading function and invariant calculation.

Accounting libraries:

  • Margin: Handles data struct and manipulation of internal token balance accounts.
  • Reserve: Handles data struct and manipulation of the pool reserves, as well as the TWAP oracle data.

Utility libraries:

  • SafeCast: UInt256 are often casted down to UInt128s, to pack struct data into a single storage slot. This library will perform checks when casting down to ensure the values stay the same.
  • Transfers: Implements a safeTransfer helper function to be used in place of erc20.transfer, which checks the returnData on calls.
  • Units: Helper functions to convert between 64x64 fixed point numbers and units.